Rurugraphは おばま えりかのポートフォリオサイトです。
Rurugraph is a portfolio website of Erika Obama.
Here is also for spreading thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and more.


おばま えりか

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Erika Obama is a digital illustrator.
After graduation from an art university, she had worked on designing graphics for mobile communication (such as emojis and stickers), Web design/coding, digital signages, motion graphics and DTP at several companies.
Now she does them also as a freelancer. Not only with locals, she also cooperates with foreign clients, such as those from Europe.

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E-mail erika@rurugraph.com
Twitter @rurugraph
Instagram @rurugraph
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Job Offer

I am open for international job offers of illustration and graphic design.
If you have any kind a nice idea, please feel free to send a message me.
(via e-mail, or via a contact form)

Active on 9:00 – 18:00 GMT+9 (mon – fri)
Location Fukuoka, Japan
Price 内容により異なりますのでご相談ください。
Please ask me, since price is flexible for each project.
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2012.05  Gallery Art Point『Femme 2012 – 75 CG Illustrators Exhibition』第10位
10th prize of “Femme 2012 – 75 CG Illustrators Exhibition” at Gallery Art Point
2011.03  Gallery Art Point『Femme 2011 – 50 CG Illustrators Exhibition』第8位
8th prize of “Femme 2011 – 50 CG Illustrators Exhibition” at Gallery Art Point
2010.09  ラフストーン『第5回ポストカードコンテスト』来場者投票数第2位、特別賞
2nd voters’ prize and special prize of “Postcard Contest v5” by Rough-Stone
2009.08  ラフストーン『第4回ポストカードコンテスト』特別賞
Special prize of “Postcard Contest v4” by Rough-Stone

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» For other exhibitions and jobs, see Project List.